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Manifold 0.12 has been released

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As of today (May 29, 2014), Manifold Release 0.12, is available for download. The most important changes in this release include: (1) a port of DRAMSim2, an open-source DRAM controller model developed at University of Maryland, (2) implementation of the time-quantum synchronization algorithm, which allows out-of-order events in order to achieve faster speed, and (3) re-writing of the simulators under the smp directory to support registering different components to different clocks.

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Energy Introspector Documentation Posted

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Two documents on the Energy Introspector are now available for download in the Documentation section of the website. One of them is the Beginner’s User Guide that serves as a quick introduction for those who are new to EI. The other document is a full specification. It is a user guide as well as a reference for developers.

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